Art Katsura - A Colourful Journey to Personal Style

Born from a love of colour, Art Katsura is a brand that encourages its community to embrace the wonderful world of colour.

Uninspired by the fabric designs of brands on the market, our founder decided to use her industry experience to start designing fabric and collections that reflected her own personal style and how she loved to have fun with her own wardrobe.

It all started with canvas paintings inspired by nature, and sketches of simple garment shapes curated from her days studying fashion and knitwear. Creating a collection that bridged the gap in the market for clothes that worked with the House of Colour seasonal palettes with mood boosting colour combinations and beautiful fabrics.

Each fabric is designed in our studio, then clothing manufacturers are carefully selected on their skill and adaptability in creating garments to order, avoiding mass production, waste garments and fabrics.

We’re passionate about creating pieces that you can combine with your existing wardrobe, our carefully considered colour combinations are designed to make your outfits stand out.

We are a little bit different from your usual clothing retailer. We empower our customers to choose the garment shapes they know flatter their unique style and then select the fabrics and pattern shapes that speak to their personal style.

Our pieces are designed to enable everyone to embrace colour, celebrate their uniqueness and feel their very best. 

Our collections are an ode to the Seasons of House of Colour.  Because we are devoted to the art of limited editions, many of our creations remain exclusive and one-of-a-kind.

In our quest for eco-consciousness, we employ water-based inks for our fabric printing. This eco-friendly approach ensures that no harmful chemicals or solvents taint our artistic process. Our heat fixing procedure locks in colours and prints, bypassing the drawbacks of traditional steaming, all while minimising excess or contaminated water in the waste system.

Behind the scenes, when an order graces us, we print the precise amount of fabric required, followed by the creation of garments, leaving behind a mere whisper of waste. Yes, it might entail a tad longer wait for your order, but the harmony it brings to our planet is a reward that's truly worth it.

So, join us on this colourful journey, and let's celebrate nature's artistry together!


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Inspired by nature for our designs it’s only natural to want to protect our planet, so we make regular dontations to Fauna and Flora International, Woodland Trust and Bedgebury Pinetum.

We hope you enjoy wearing our statement pieces as much as we love creating them for you.

Be Bold, Be Colourful, Be You.