Spring Palette


True/Golden/Warm Spring

This is the main Spring palette – the colours are warm, bright and have a yellow undertone.

Golden Springs are often the ones who ‘look’ like they are going to be a Spring – strawberry blonde, bright red or golden yellow hair colour with clear blue, green or light brown eyes. Their fair peaches and cream skin tone glows with their best colours.

A True Spring falls at the very warmest, most golden end of the wider Spring palette, and would fall nearer to Autumn’s than to Winter’s or Summer’s.

True Spring’s best colours are usually warm greens, yellows, orangey reds, very peachy pinks and every shade of light brown from tan to palest beige.

Light/Pastel Spring

This is the Spring palette with some of the intensity and saturation removed. Tints that have had white added to make them lighter and clearer, feature heavily in the Light Spring palette – the colours never get too dark and heavy so bright navy and dove grey make better neutrals than a dark brown.

Light Springs often have very light clear eye colour, such as pale grey, blue or green, and hair that can look ashier than the golden tones of True Spring.

Light Spring colours would fall towards the Summer end of the Spring palette and their best colours are the lightest Spring colours. Pale peach, light dove grey, palest mint green and aqua.

Bright/Clear/Blue Spring

Containing the most saturated and boldest of Spring’s colours, people who fall into the Bright Spring category can often look like a Winters. They usually have piercingly bright eye colours, and often relatively dark hair with little or no warmth.

Bright Spring falls at the Winter end of the Spring palette, making it easy to see why the colours get clearer, brighter and less warm than those of True Spring.

Bright Spring’s best colours are the bright blues and true reds, dove greys and more acidic yellows.

A Paint box Spring

A Paint box Spring is a classification used by House of Colour to denote someone who suits all the strongest and brightest Spring colours, both those at the warmest and cooler end of the palette. Falling somewhere between Bright and True in its warmth level, Paint box Springs need saturation and contrast in their outfits to look their best.