Summer Palette

True/Sweetpea Summer

The colours are mid-range, neither too light nor too dark, and are at the cooler end of the summer palette.

Often a True Summer has ashy mid-brown hair, grey, blue or green eyes, and relatively light skin. Their best colours are mid pinks, lots of blues from denim to sky and the beautiful blue-greys of the Summer palette.

Light/Pastel/Cotton Wool Ball Summer

Summer is a lighter palette than either Winter or Autumn – only Spring can compete on lightness – but Light Summers are best at the lightest end of this relatively light palette. They can have the bright look of Springs about them, and might be blonde and blue eyed.

Light Summer colours are those that head towards the Spring palette; they are still cool toned, but begin to be less cool that True Summer’s colours, and gain a tiny bit of Springs brightness.

Light Summers look amazing in sky blues, primrose yellow and light pinks and greys.


Deep/Cool/Dark Summer

Deep Summer sits at the very coolest, wintery end of the Summer palette when all four seasons are viewed as one linked spectrum. Its colours are the darkest and brightest Summer colours, and often work best with a degree of contrast not found with other types of Summer.

Dark Summers can often be mistaken for Winters, with a bright or dark look about them, and it is only with a professional analysis with precision dyed drapes that the difference can be seen.

Your best colours are those deep dark Summer colours that land just on the cusp of the Winter palette, like deep grape and aubergine shades, bold pinky reds and the darkest and brighter Summer blues.

Soft/Brown Summer

Soft Summer tends to look towards the Autumn end of the Summer palette, which lends it some depth of colour and warmth.

Soft Summers often look like they might be autumns, perhaps with olive coloured eyes or red glints in their hair. Your best colours are cool toned sea greens and teals, rose browns and soft navy, and you also do rose gold as well as silver when it comes to jewellery.