Winter Palette

Jewel/True Winter

This is the palette most of us visualise when we think of the Winter colours. Boldest scarlet, bright white and true black. These colours all play at the extremes of light, dark and bright.

True Winters are high contrast, bold and bright, and often have high contrast in their colouring, perhaps with very dark hair against fair skin or bright blue/green eyes.

Your best colours as a True Winter are holly berry red, emerald green, cobalt blue and stark black and white, all worn in high contrast.

Bright/Clear/Sprinter Winter

A Bright Winter is even brighter than a True Winter. The colours have a little of Spring’s lightness added to them making them almost fluorescent versions of True Winter’s palette.

Bright Winters can often look like Springs with clear blue eyes and blonde hair, or like Summers, with their brightness only appearing when they wear their bold Bright Winter colours.

Your best Bright Winter colours are shocking pink, Chinese blue, icy greys and acid yellow.

Cool/Sultry Winter

A Cool Winter sits at the more exotic end of the Winter palette, losing some of the brightness of the True and Bright Winters and gaining some extra darkness.

Cool Winters often have slightly deeper colouring and are often extremely cool toned and turn positively yellow in anything with even a hint of warmth in it.

Your best colours are charcoal grey, deepest indigo and navy and burgundy, and very pale grey is often a better pale neutral than stark white.

Burnished/Deep/Dark Winter

A Deep Winter can be a tricky one to analyse. Often carrying hints of a warm look, perhaps a bit of red in the hair or a glimpse of amber in the eye colour, they actually sit closer to the Autumn end of the Winter palette, while still needing those cooler Winter colours rather than Autumn’s golden tones.

Your best colours as a Burnished Winter are some of the least obviously Winter colours of the palette, such as stone, mole grey and pine green.